Civil Calculator
This Civil Calculator Is Calculating Imperial Units, Converting Into Metric And Vise Versa. Now A Days This Imperial Units Are Broadly Use In Civil Engineering Line So We Have Name It As CIVIL CALCULATOR. This Calculator Adds, Subtracts, Multiply, Divide Imperial Units ,And/Or Imperial Units And Metric Units. It Will Helps In Calculating Area Brace( 100 Sq. Feet) And Volume Brace (100 Cubic Foot) Which Is Commonly Used In Civil Engineering Industry For Evaluating Measures. One Of The Significant Use Of This Calculator Is That It Will Calculate Cubic Foot Calculation (Multiplication Of Three Lengths Of Imperial Units) Which Is Its Unique Features. So It Can Be Calculated Volume Of The Cylindrical Parts Like Uncut Wood , Volume Of Conical Shapes Ect. By Using Running Meter , Running Inch Keys , We Can Easily Evaluate Lengths. It Will Convert Square Foot Into Square Meter And Vise Versa In Just Pressing One Key. This Calculator Is Having Large Display For Batter Visibility And Menu Is Displayed On LCD. LCD Is Manufactured At State Of Art Technology It Had Excellent Quality. Rebust ABS Body With Attractive Design Have Added Advantage.
  • ROHS Compliance
  • Patent Registerd
  • C E ( Pending)
  • Manufactured At cutting Edge Technology
  • At Affordable Price
  • 6 Months Replacement Guarantee
  • Easy Operations
  • Large customise Display With Menu
  • Strong ABS Body
  • Desktop Model
  • Beep at Error( Audio Signal)
  • Can Be used as Normal Calculator
  • IP 55 Compliances Product